Building A Brand (Ebook)

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24 Page Ebook on Building A Brand For Your Business
by Axe Family

Most business owners create a branding checklist in their minds, they take on the bare necessities like logos and a quick domain but forget about some other extremely crucial branding elements.

The strength of your brand directly affects your bottom line. Branding is what helps you begin to form lasting relationships with your audience. It’s how you establish a sense of familiarity and trust with the customer, making it easier and easier for them to support your business as that relationship continues to develop.

In this Ebook on Building A Brand, we cover 5 Chapters of important branding topics you should consider as a business owner. Whether you are thinking of starting a business or already own one, this Ebook will direct you toward a long lasting brand.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Creating A Profitable Brand pg2
The Importance of Branding pg3

Chapter One: Building Your Brand Strategy pg5
Short-Term vs. Long-Term Strategies pg6
Short-Term Marketing pg6
Long-Term Marketing pg7

Chapter Two: Naming Your Business pg8
Put Yourself In Your Customer’s Shoes pg8
Leave Room For Interpretation pg10
Naming Dos & Don’ts pg10

Chapter Three: Make Your Colors Count pg12
Using Color to Encourage Action pg12
Using Color Psychology to Invoke Emotion pg13

Chapter Four: Bringing Your Brand to Life pg14
Designing a Logo pg14
Hiring a Designer pg17

Chapter Five: Common Branding Mistakes pg19
Maintaining Your Brand Through Change pg20

In Conclusion: The Benefits of Establishing a Solid Brand pg22

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