As the creator of Axe Family, Cody has a passion for using a camera, capturing memories and telling a story.


Passionate about hospitality, Taylor makes others feel at home. She is primarily behind the scenes supporting Cody.


Being a well trained, pure-bred, Black Labrador Retriever, Chief is the best companion for Axe Family.

The Meaning of Axe Family

The name Axe Family (AxeFam) is a shortened version of our last name. The axe itself is significant to our family history, as our family heritage links to those who built axe handles. Cody's father is a retired fire fighter and a photo of his gold retirement axe was used to build our logo. 

Watch this video to dive deeper into what the symbolism of the axe means to Axe Family.

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Axe Family's Youtube Friends

Coyote Works

"It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you two!"


"Cody is one of my best friends! It's fun watching his videos!"

Cody Creelman

"Thank you so much for coming to Canada. I wish you so much success!"


"Cody's a good name! It's great to meet you!"

Stinnett Sticks

"I really admire the artistic way Cody presents his videos."

The Real Martian

"You got the keys to the HAB, it's all you!"

Born and Raised Outdoors

"It's nice to meet you too bud! Thank you guys so much."

Harvest CrossFit

"I'm gonna put them through a workout... It's gonna be good!"

CK Knife and Tool

"We decided to make an Axe Family knife!"

Buck Newby

"I've been good friends with Axe Family for a long time."

Sugar Coder

"I'm going to teach them how to decorate cupcakes!"


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